"Nonon will end up marrying Monkey out of loneliness, growing more distant from Satsuki with age, until they barely even talk over the phone anymore, and even then, it’s just pleasantries during holidays once or twice a year.

Monkey will be unable to find a decent-paying job, so Nonon will have to be frugal and careful with her meager salary as a middle-school music teacher. She’ll develop a heavy drinking problem, and beat monkey and make fun of his little dick from time to time. Naturally, she won’t apologize in the morning, since all Monkey does is jerk off and play Nintendo games while high.

Eventually, Nonon will become painfully alone. Monkey will just leave all of a sudden to go dick around with some teenagers in another city, leaving Nonon without a word. Despite not admitting it, she liked the meager company, even if it wasn’t entirely passionate or even a hint romantic. She’ll be drinking one evening during the Christmas season, reminiscing over photos from Honouji Academy, when she opens a Christmas card with handwriting she discretely noticed as Satsuki’s earlier that day.

Shaking, she’ll open it, eyes filling with tears as that painful hollow that Satsuki had chewed out of her begins to ache, she looks at the card: Satsuki and Ryuuko are in the photo, casually leaning against one another, wearing matching sweaters and blushing due to the mistletoe over their heads. Soon, Nonon’s tears will have completely obscured the photo, and Nonon will put it away, taking a few gulps of the cheap vodka out of the bottle, before going to her room to retrieve the weaponized boombox she’d made, prepared to end her life to the bass blasts of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” to remember that time she was pressed to Satsuki’s butt and had her heart broken for the first and last time.”

what the fuck

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